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Welcome Here!

My name is Rebekkah Traptow and I am the founder and CEO of The Birth Work Company! I am a mom to 3 littles (lovingly nicknamed The Chaos Crew), Full Spectrum Doula, Childbirth Educator, Breastfeeding Educator and certifiable Birth Nerd through and through!

I fell in love with all things birthy after my youngest was born and threw myself into serving both the caregiver AND Doula community in Red Deer, Alberta. I began using my graphic design skills to create childbirth education handouts to help simplify and condense otherwise overwhelming concepts and answer general questions about birth and beyond. Before I knew it I had a library full of valuable childbirth education tools for my business!

A dear friend and creative collaborator, Chelsea Bootsman encouraged me to share what I had created with the world on Etsy - The Birth Work Co. and the rest is history! What started out as a side project to “see what happens” quickly grew into a full-time passion project and my full-time gig!

This year we launched The Every Day Doula Podcast;  Where my delightful co-host Sarah Janvier-Lefebvre and I share relatable stories, nuggets of wisdom, and words of encouragement for new and seasoned birth workers alike! Come laugh, get inspired, and hear firsthand accounts all about life being a Birth Worker while raising a family, showing up for your friends, and caring for your mental health all while learning the ropes of entrepreneurship!

I want to invite you to join me as we grow and serve Doulas and Birth Workers all over Canada and the United States! Connect with me Here on the website or pop by our brand new Facebook group The Birth Work Community to connect with other like-minded Birth Pals! I have tons of exciting things currently gestating (ok I’ll stop) and will keep you updated on all of my free and paid offerings including upcoming Birth Pal Jam Sessions, new childbirth education tools and handouts, and doula business workshops!


All of our tools and resources are evidence-based, thoroughly researched, and curated by experienced doulas, childbirth educators, and healthcare practitioners! A majority of our offerings were compiled from the tools and strategies that WORKED for us when we started our own Doula Businesses! Technology is changing! We are committed to fully transparent, evidence-based research. As such, we do NOT use AI software to generate our copy or compile our research. Each and every business tool and childbirth education resource has been expertly crafted and researched by our team of real Doulas like YOU!

Founder & CEO

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