This is a one page, single sided, printable handout for new parents, Birth and/or Postpartum Doulas, Midwives or other Maternal Support Practitioners. 

This Maternal Mental Health Information Sheet is useful for new parents, Doulas, Midwives and other Maternal Support Practitioners to ensure that they and their clients are informed about postpartum mood disorders. 

*THIS IS NOT MEANT AS A DIAGNOSTIC TOOL*  Parents, Doulas and Healthcare Practitioners should be aware that this handout is purely educational and should only be used as such. Should they have concerns about their mental health, parents should contact their trusted healthcare provider for appropriate diagnostics and support. 

*Make sure your printer is set to "Shrink To Printable Area" to ensure all elements fit onto the page*

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Postpartum Mood Disorder Doula Handout

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