As a Breastfeeding/Childbirth Educator and Full Spectrum Doula, I have put this guide together using practical, evidence-based information. I have also created a gender-neutral language version. Both also come in Neutral tones and Grey scale.

Whether you are preparing to bring your baby earth-side or have already stepped into parenthood, I have created the PERFECT guide to help you feel confident in reaching your breast/chestfeeding goals! 

Table Of Contents:

About This Guide
A Perfect System
Demystifying Supply and Demand
Demystifying Supply and Demand Cont.
Newborn Hunger Cues/Signals
Tips For a Pain-Free Latch
Nibbling VS Drinking
Managing Feeds for Ample Supply
Is My Baby Getting Enough?
Nutrition for the breastfeeding Mama
Nutrition For the Breastfeeding Parent Cont.
Nutrition For the Breastfeeding Parent Cont.
Mental Wellness Check
Key Take-Aways

Includes infant feeding cues handout, Breastfeeding baby output guide handout, and a quick reference guide for the first two weeks after baby is born. 

This 16 Page PDF document is perfect for new parents, Doulas, Midwives, Childbirth and Breastfeeding Educators, or other Maternal Support Practitioners. 8 1/2 x 11 size. Print, laminate, and bind for use in class or in prenatal appointments!  

This is an instant digital download product. No physical item will be sent. You may print the document as many times and as often as you like for personal use only.

*Make sure your printer is set to "Shrink To Printable Area" to ensure all elements fit onto the page*

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Doula's Breastfeeding Education Manual

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