The Deluxe Birth Doula Business Tool Kit contains all the handouts and templates needed for your business AND some added bonuses so you can give your clients a next-level experience. PDF, and Canva Template versions included.


In this tool kit you will find:


- NEW Birth Doula Contract (editable)
- NEW Backup Doula Contract (editable)
- NEW Client Intake Form (editable)
- NEW Photo and Video Release Form (editable)
- NEW Client Tracker Sheets (editable)
- NEW Doula Evaluation Form (editable)
- Birth Plan Template (editable)
- Hospital and Home Birth Checklists
- Labour Signs and Characteristics Handout (With Preterm Labour Information Sheet)
- Labour Cheat Sheet
- Informed Consent Handout
- What Is a Birth Doula Handout


Birth Doula Clent Contract includes:


- Fees and Payment Arrangement Agreement
- Scope of practice 
- Services outline and agreement
- Postpartum Follow Up outline 
- Legal disclaimers 


And More!


Backup Doula Contract Includes:


- Back-Up Doula business and contact info 
- Backup services outline and agreement
- Fees and payment structure outline and agreement 
- Legal Disclaimer 


Client Intake Forms include:


- Client contact and pregnancy info 
- Relevant Medical 
- Privacy Policy
- Client expectations/ideal birth questionnaire
- Birth Photography video and release form 
- Doula Evaluation questionnaire to help you improve your practice


And More!


FREE Customization included! Email after your purchase for more details!


Download as is, or use it as a template to customize and create your own!


This is an instant digital download product. No physical item will be sent. You may print the document as many times and as often as you like for use within your practice. 

The templates are for your use only. You may not share it with anyone else. You may not sell it or give it away.


*Make sure your printer is set to "Shrink To Printable Area" to ensure all elements fit onto the page*


All of the files included in this download are copyright of The Birth Work Company and are for use within your practice only. They cannot be resold or distributed commercially in any way.

Deluxe Birth Doula Toolkit

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