This Complete Prenatal Meeting Bundle was created to give Birth Workers all the tools they need to guide their clients through their prenatal education and preparation for labor, birth, and the postpartum period. 


The Prenatal Education Curriculum consists of 6 "units" designed to be discussed over the course of 5 prenatal meetings and 1 Postpartum follow-up. It can be broken up and taught however you see fit depending on your and your client's preference. It also includes my personal recommendation for how to conduct the prenatal meetings using this curriculum. 

This bundle also includes all the handouts you need to teach this curriculum so there is no need to purchase them separately.


PLEASE NOTE: The coupon code included in this curriculum is only useable with the handouts that are already included and therefore not a value add. There is NO NEED for you to purchase these same handouts again so please disregard that section!


DO NOT PURCHASE THIS BUNDLE WITH ANOTHER COMPLETE BUNDLE. THERE WILL BE MULTIPLE DUPLICATES. Instead, purchase the curriculum on its own and whatever handouts you're missing depending on what is included in the other bundle you purchase.


Each prenatal includes:


- Goals for the session
- List of related handouts for reference
- Pointed questions to foster purposeful discussion
- Topics of discussion 
- "Homework" to encourage your clients to continue their education and preparation on their own 


Handouts Included:


- Labor Stages & Characteristics
- Labor Cheat Sheet
- Birth Plan/Birth Preferences 
- Home/Hospital Birth Checklists
- Prenatal Education Manual 
- Informed Consent
- Failure to Progress
- Birth Partner Cheat Sheet
- Postpartum Planning Workbook
- All About Your Newborn
- Breastfeeding Basics
- At First Latch Breastfeeding Guide


American and Canadian versions are both included as well as versions representing the BIPOC community.


This is an instant digital download product. No physical item will be sent. You may print the document as many times and as often as you like for use within your practice.


*Make sure your printer is set to "Shrink To Printable Area" to ensure all elements fit onto the page*


All of the files included in this download are copyright of The Birth Work Company. They are for use within your practice only and cannot be resold or distributed commercially in any way.

Complete Prenatal Meeting Curriculum Bundle

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