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Pssst.... I have a gift for you!     
Welcome Here!

My name is Rebekkah and I am the creator and CEO of The Birth Work Company! I am a mom to 3 littles (lovingly nicknamed The Chaos Crew), Full Spectrum Doula, CBE, BFE and certifiable Birth Nerd through and through!

In completing bebo mia's 4-month 3-in- Birth Worker training and 6-week CBE and BFE courses I fell in love with all things birthy and threw myself into serving my community in Red Deer, Alberta. I began using my graphic design skills to create educational handouts to help teach my clients what I had learned and answer their general questions about birth and beyond. Before I knew it I had a library full of useful tools for my business!

A dear friend and creative collaborator, Chelsea Bootsman encouraged me to share what I had created with the world on Etsy and the rest is history!

What started out as a side project to “see what happens” has quickly grown into a full-time passion project and I am so excited to finally be sharing it with you a whole year and a half after it’s conception (birth joke, you don’t need to laugh...)

In The Birth Work Company community, we are passionate about supporting Birth Workers & collectively building healthy families! 

I believe in accessible and practical community care and am on a mission to equip and uplift Birth Workers to provide comprehensive education and support to their communities.

Whether you are just getting started or a seasoned Birth Worker, I hope that you find within my offerings what you need to provide thorough client care and beautiful evidence-based education as well as a loving and supporting community of like-minded birth nerds!

I want to invite you to join me as we grow and serve Doulas and Birth Workers all over the world! Connect with me here or pop by our brand new Facebook group, The Birth Work Community to connect with other like-minded Birth Pals! I have tons of exciting things currently gestating (ok I’ll stop) and will keep you updated on all of my offerings, both free and paid!  

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Founder & CEO

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